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Sacred Awakenings began as a vision by Matt Welke and Tai-Monique to help create a world full of love, peace and unity. For those that wish to choose this path, they must become the change they wish to see in the world by vibrating as a higher consciousness and expressing their authentic selves. We are passionate about living life in a joyous, heart-filled way and wish to share this with others through our services of healings, trainings and workshops. Practicing and teaching Reiki has been a transformational experience through self-realization hence paving new pathways of awakening, spiritual growth and development.


We offer Reiki Healing Sessions which feels like a glowing radiance of energy that flows through and around you, healing all aspects of your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. By enrolling in our Reiki Training and Certification class, you will be attuned to the divine spiritual life-force energy, that can be utilized to empower your life and the lives of those around you. You will be supported by us to continue your Reiki practice at our monthly Tea and Reiki share. We believe in empowering our youth though our Reiki Kids program for ages 5-12. We also support Reiki Masters from all lineages to teach their own classes through our Reiki Teacher Program, where Reiki Masters will gain access to all the resources they need to teach their own classes.

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"Honestly it was perfect. The knowledge they share together and the content they created was perfect. It truly soared over my expectations they were so helpful and hands on that it was a comfortable environment for us to learn this new knowledge together. Thank you both so much for accommodating me and my needs. You 2 are truly a blessing in our world."

 Mathew Carchild

"Full of positive energy and a calling to spread the teachings of reiki. I have completed level 1 and 2 certifications for reiki with Tai and Matt and have learned a lot from them both.

Thank you for always reaching out and keeping in contact with your students and for making your classes so hands on." 

Mari Lu